Bias Cut

A forest without the trees. Life is maintained by mycelium underneath the moss and spiders etching the space. Two separate directions of movement marking different roles in the ecosystem. While mushrooms are actively expanding their thoroughly knotted net – interlocking hyphae, sending nutrients, warning, spiders are spinning and weaving their webs, targetting at the inertial bodies moving by.



Mycelium Communication Net

The Grand Fungi Net

Hand knotted in Dzūkija region, the kingdom of mushrooms. As the main source of income for many inhabitants living in Lithuanian (artificial) woods, chanterelles, boletus and others are spreading mycelium underground. They are constantly reaching further, passing the Belarusian and Polish boarders, both of which sre currently difficult to cross over for different reasons. I see nets as pixels framing the space and the ultimate symbol of connection for everybody on earth.

The Rooms of Life and Death

Sustaining life, fruiting, composing, decomposing, hacking, killing. Despite the essential role of mushrooms in maintaning life on earth, they also remind us to be alert.


Silky Web

Spiders are weavers, therefore, they can weave their own myths. It is said that most of the textile techniques were born observing the life of a spider, its ability to build invisible intricate structures.

Butterfly and Bugs woven using the backstrap loom technique – the ultimate embodiment of the weaving process. One’s body controls the tension of the warp and activates the yarns, so they can interlock and grow into a fabric.



Photos by Lukas Mykolaitis, Linas Čekanavičius, personal archive