Innocence Becomes Sharks

This installation seeks to encapsulate the liminal space between the sea and the shore. It serves as a dynamic boundary, mirroring the ever-evolving processes of the modern world—marked by constant change and fluidity, which are punctuated by disruptive natural phenomena that profoundly affect our daily lives. Paradoxically, we ourselves are catalysts for these changes. Historically, the coastline has drawn people with its mysticism and enchanting allure, but it has now evolved into a complex realm interwoven with political, sociological, and biological intricacies.

With rising sea levels, discussions about inevitable apocalyptic scenarios have grown more prominent. Yet, amidst this uncertainty, how does one find a way to endure? What does it mean to contemplate beauty while confronting such a dramatic reality? I frequently dream of standing on the shore, where the retreating water before me transforms into a distant, rapidly approaching tsunami. Just before awakening, everything dissolves, and the cresting wave unveils the enigmatic secrets concealed beneath the surface.

The coastal flora and fauna are enthralling in their remarkable diversity of forms and textures. For a fleeting moment, you are transported to another world, temporarily forgetting your origins and the world you've left behind. In that solitary moment, you are engulfed in tranquility.