b. 1995, Lithuania

Starting with a specific location or phenomenon my projects are developed as complex stories based on theoretical and material research. I focus on the less visible and graspable elements of the world in order to compose new narratives and transcend our perception of reality. Using different medias I create atmospheric, tactile installations that invite visitors to escape their daily rhythm. With a particular care for crafts and textile techniques, the elements are made to co-exist as different pieces in a coherent story as well as individual objects transmitting their own concepts. Recently, I have been focusing on the transitional phenomenons in the world — the space between the sea and the shore, the evolution of myths, (un)covering of a body.

2016–2020, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL)
BA TxT(text, theory, textile)


August 2020 Graduation Show, group exhibition, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL)

October 2019 Studio Bon Bon Invites, group exhibition, fanfare, Amsterdam (NL)

December 2018 Behind the Royal Palace, group exhibition, Paleisstraat 107, Amsterdam (NL)

May 2018 Green Screen, group exhibition, Rietveld Pavillion, Amsterdam (NL)

2020 Berlagefonds, Amsterdam (NL)