Never-Drying Towels

This series of hand-woven towels is inspired by Lithuanian folk traditions. In the past, towels on hand-carved towel racks were representative of the family – the piece of fabric, which came with the bride’s dowry, was like an altar piece, reflecting the sacred nature of marriage. Nowadays, it would be farfetched to relate a towel drying on a ladder heater to anything other than its primary function, i.e. the constant cycle of wiping and drying. The notion of the family is also changing: it is no longer a silent, finite fabric but a constantly evolving, fluid organism.



a towel from the dowry of a young woman building a life with her partner.

K + R
a towel for a mother raising a son with disability.

B + J
a towel for two women being denied legal recognition of their family.

Images by Visvaldas Morkevičius