Square Root

On the left hemisphere, shame appears as a scorpion residing within one’s body, it scratches the cheeks, crawls up the ears. Embarassement, which unveils us once unpleasant words are said out loud or, contrary, once we become voiceless and everything what’s said sounds like a phonogram, echoing foreign thoughts. Shame residing under the midnight sun, hiding in the shaddows of unrecognized sexuality, opressed desire or depressing experience. Shame sliced into pieces and shared by everybody.


On the right, suspense is built by my (a) and your (b) envy. Gripping on the opposite images or sentences we are experiencing pixelated reality. Those single pixels are finding place in our bodies, creating image-accumulating lumps. External triggers break into our memory and activate blaming, silence, hatred. However, once those bits of jealousy are recognized, the body may relax, while the mind is solving the equation with a square root, leaving sticky words behind the comma.

Images by Lukas Mykolaitis and personal archive