Through Mythology, water and banalities surrounding me I look for ‘whispers’ that could resonate with our world. I want to create narrative that supports our existence. By looking at the Culture of Goddess I see a primal model of life at peace, water contains particles of our history, we can never escape its floods and tides within ourselves. It is an ongoing project that is represented through different artefacts that I create for specific ‘whispers’. These objects come together in an installation that becomes an escape for a viewer who enters. It is utopian, yet ironical world,  relationship of time with eternal powers to be experienced in that place.

A Dance for a Human Who Is Ready to Live

Ocean With a Possibility to Drown

Remaining Bone of Extinct Species

Serpent Coiling Forwards

We Ebb and Flow Across Time and Space

No Water Is Sepparate from Any Other Water

Plan for Past and Future

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Temple Cave - Landscape of Soul

Kim Offering a Drink with a Plastic Straw to Venus

Matriarchy Is Not the Opposite of Patriarchy

Light at the End of Exercise